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La bonne cuisine, notre passion, votre plaisir

On its 18th anniversary of bringing French joie de vivre to China via its award-winning Maison FLO, and following the resounding success of its recently launched Parisian-style Café chain, Groupe FLO Asia is proud to announce the arrival of FB – or F Bistronome – a bold new dining concept. FB will open its doors to the Beijing public on April 13 2017, with a focus on the passionate French spirit of partager (sharing) and l’art de vie (the art of living).

Advantageously located on the 7th floor of the brand new China World Mall, FB commands vistas over the capital’s teeming Central Business District and the bright lights of the third ring road. With close ties to the French embassy, Groupe FLO acts as a celebrated cultural ambassador, both embodying and promoting the country’s passion for fine living.

“FB is all about reflecting an authentic home dining experience: a mother lovingly crafting whole-some food from traditional recipes that have been passed down from grandmother to mother, through the generations. Each family and each bonne mamie incorporates their own personal flourishes, adapting classic dishes according to their distinct regional heritage,” said Jimmy Loh,. Managing Director of Groupe FLO Asia.

“We are delighted and honored to invite our patrons to perhaps their first experience of partager dining, which means placing every dish in the center of the table for the family to serve, share and enjoy. We have tailored the experience to encourage our valued customers to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily modern life, the better to share the moment with their friends, family and guests, just as people do across France every day,” he added.

FB’s Chef adapts rustic dishes for the restaurant’s modern and discerning clientele, adding his own touches of inspiration. But as ever, fresh seafood remains central to FLO’s identity. Michelin Star Chef Frédérik Bizat – hailing from Les Trois Soleils de Montal, France and has previously collaborated with Maison FLO to great acclaim – will continue to consult and partner with FB.

According to Jimmy, the finest treat on the menu is a dessert that perfectly captures the essence of l’art de vie, as inspired by Chef BIZAT: “Ideally I would like every guest to try our signature, classic soufflé: it is an absolute must-have and FB’s particular specialty.” Fulfilling its role as cultural ambassador, FB will also provide high tea in the afternoons, offering customers the chance to sample delicate treats that bring nostalgic pangs of childhood memories.

The bistronome’s layout features an open-to-view kitchen and an inviting écailler/charcuterie bar, creating a warm, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where the food takes center stage. Meanwhile, diners could be deceived into thinking they have been seated below the very Tour Eiffel itself, with the stunning ceiling tricking the eye with a skyward view from beneath the tower.

This coming summer FB will launch a Bon Marché, an iconic village marketplace, within the terrace area. Customers will be able to buy fresh ingredients by the bag, pick from amongst the highest-quality, hand-selected imported goods and treat themselves to delectable delights straight from FB’s very own kitchen.

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